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TL;DR: To find the best air purifier with a True HEPA filter, consider factors like room size, noise level, and filter replacement costs.

True HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, effectively removing dust, pollen, and other allergens from your indoor environment.

Features like air quality sensors and programmable timers enhance usability.

The Afloia Kilo and Clorox Air Purifier are notable options, each with unique pros and cons, catering to different room sizes and preferences.

For optimal indoor air quality and a healthier living space, choose a model that fits your specific needs.

Improving indoor air quality is vital to health, well-being, and comfort. Air purifiers with True HEPA filters stand out for their ability to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. These devices can effectively remove particulates like dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander from your home environment.

When shopping for the best air purifier with a True HEPA filter, make sure to consider room size compatibility, filter replacement costs, and noise level. A unit too small for your room won’t clean effectively, while one too large may consume unnecessary power and space. Features such as air quality sensors, programmable timers, and multiple fan speeds can enhance usability and efficiency.

The right air purifier can make a significant difference in your home, contributing to a healthier living space. For those with allergies or respiratory issues, it’s an investment in quality of life. Let’s explore key aspects to help you find a model that fits your needs and enhances your indoor environment.

“True HEPA air purifiers can capture particles as tiny as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency, including common allergens and pollutants.”

Top 7 Best True HEPA Air Purifiers

Choosing the right air purifier can enhance your indoor air quality, especially in spaces where air changes per hour matter. True HEPA filters capture 99.97% of airborne particles, ensuring your living room or bedroom is free from dust, pollen, and smoke.

Consider room size, noise level, and energy consumption to find the best fit for your needs.

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1. Afloia Kilo Air Purifier

If you’re in the market for an air purifier that caters to medium-sized spaces, the Afloia Kilo might be a viable option. It can alleviate allergy symptoms and its customizable lighting adds ambiance to any room.


  • Speedy air purification for rooms up to 1076 sq ft.
  • Removes a wide range of air pollutants to alleviate allergies.
  • Features ambient lighting and a quiet sleep mode.


  • Limited to three filter types, requiring regular replacement.
  • Sleep mode may still produce discernible noise for sensitive individuals.
  • The air purifier itself is on the smaller side, which may not suit all expectations.

Air purifiers are essential for maintaining indoor air quality, and the Afloia Kilo is designed to effectively remove particulate matter and allergens quickly. Its 3-stage filter system targets a spectrum of pollutants, from pet dander to mold spores, ensuring that the air you breathe is cleaner.

The inclusion of ambient lighting allows this air purifier to blend into your home decor while also serving a practical purpose.

Finding an air purifier with low noise levels, especially for bedroom use, can be challenging. The Afloia Kilo boasts a sleep mode running at 22 dB, aiming to provide undisturbed rest. However, some might find even this low noise level to be noticeable at night.

Considering the trade-off between effective air purification and sound emission is crucial for a satisfactory purchase.

When choosing an appliance like an air purifier, considering ongoing costs is advisable. The Afloia Kilo will require periodic filter replacement, which may not be too burdensome given its overall efficiency.

Although the unit is compact, which may surprise some buyers, its ability to handle large spaces up to 1076 sq ft makes it a potent little machine for keeping your indoor air fresh.

Room CoverageSuitable for rooms up to 1076 sq ft.
Air PurificationFilters particles as small as 0.03 microns.
Filter Stages3-stage filtration system.
Lighting7-color customizable atmosphere lighting.
Noise Level22 dB in sleep mode, moderate noise on higher settings.
Filter ReplacementRequires periodic replacement with specific Afloia filters.
TimerOptions for 2, 4, and 8-hour settings.
DesignCompact and unobtrusive with an 8”D x 8”W x 15”H dimension.
WeightPortable at 4.8 pounds.
Operational Modes3 fan speeds, including a sleep mode and timer functionality.
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2. Clorox Air Purifier

If you’re in the market for an air purifier that is effective in medium-sized spaces, the Clorox Air Purifier could be a worthy option for its thorough filtration and air quality features.


  • Incorporates a three-stage filtration system, including a True HEPA filter.
  • Features real-time air quality feedback with a PM2.5 display and auto-adjusting fan speed.
  • Designed for medium rooms, providing 360° air cleaning up to 1,000 sq ft.


  • May require frequent filter replacements depending on the usage.
  • Could be less suitable for large spaces or open areas exceeding the recommended square footage.
  • Real-time air quality sensors might occasionally boost the fan to higher, noisier levels.

This air purifier stands out with its precise filtration capabilities. True HEPA filters are renowned for their ability to trap tiny particulate matter, ensuring that air quality is significantly improved.

Equipped with three different filtration stages, this machine tackles everything from large particles and pet hair to microscopic viruses and odor-causing molecules, ensuring a comprehensive approach to air purification.

Ease of use is another boon, thanks to the machine’s automatic mode. You don’t need to fiddle with complex settings; the air purifier adapts on its own, responding to the real-time quality of your room’s air.

This is especially helpful for maintaining consistent air quality without constant monitoring.

When considering any air purifier, effective area coverage is essential. The Clorox Air Purifier promises effective cleaning for rooms up to 225 sq ft with five air changes per hour and can still operate efficiently in spaces as large as 1,000 sq ft. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for various room sizes, from offices to bedrooms.

Filtration System3 Stage 360° Filter: Pre-filter, True HEPA, Activated Carbon
Air Quality IndicatorPM2.5 Digital Display, Color-Coded Air Quality Light
Size SuitabilityRooms up to 1,000 sq ft
Auto-AdjustingFan Speed Adjusts Automatically to Current Air Quality
Replacement FiltersSearch for Clorox 12030 Medium Room Replacement Filter
Noise LevelWhisper Quiet on Low Setting, Noticeable on High During Air Quality Changes
Design & UsabilityCompact Design, Button Control for Easy Operation
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3. Winix 5500-2

Consider this air purifier for its efficiency in capturing a wide array of pollutants and providing cleaner air in your indoor environment.


  • Utilizes a True HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of fine particles
  • Features a washable carbon filter for odor reduction
  • Smart sensors adjust fan speed automatically based on air quality


  • Might emit a clicking noise over time at low speed, as some users reported
  • Not WiFi enabled for remote control or smart home integration
  • Additional filters are not included with the product

True HEPA filtration is a top feature in any air purifier, and the Winix 5500-2 is no exception. It’s designed to capture a vast range of particles, down to 0.3 microns in size.

The unit is especially suited for medium to large rooms, purifying the air effectively across 360 square feet, making it a sound choice for family rooms or bedrooms.

The carbon filter in the Winix 5500-2 not only traps particles but also reduces household odors. This double action promises fresher air, though you should be aware of the occasional reports of noise issues on the low setting.

Nevertheless, such concerns are relatively minor when weighed against the benefits of improved indoor air quality.

Smart functionality is another compelling aspect of this device. With sensors that measure air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly, it promises ease of use and efficiency. However, the lack of WiFi features may deter those wishing to integrate it into their existing smart home systems.

Filter TypeTrue HEPA, captures 99.97% of allergens and particles
Carbon FilterWashable AOC reduces household odors
PlasmaWaveBreaks down odors and pollutants without ozone
Auto & Sleep ModeAdjusts fan speed to air quality; silent during night operation
Area CoverageSuitable for spaces up to 360 square feet
Noise Level27.8 dB on the quietest setting
Dimensions7.8″D x 14.9″W x 23.6″H
CertificationsEnergy Star Certified
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4. Medify MA-14 Air Purifier

If you’re seeking a purifier that combines performance with quiet operation for smaller spaces, consider this one.


  • Efficient H13 True HEPA filter captures ultrafine particles
  • Operates quietly, with a sleep mode for virtually silent use
  • Energy Star certification ensures efficient power consumption


  • Covers up to 400 sq ft, may not suit larger rooms
  • Filter replacements needed every 3-4 months can be costly
  • Some users may require more advanced controls and features

High-efficiency H13 True HEPA filters are at the heart of this device, excelling in capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns. This includes most allergens and pollutants which can trouble those with sensitivities.

Its three fan speeds and quiet operation make it suitable for bedrooms or study spaces.

The Medify MA-14 is also compact and reasonably discreet in design, making it an easy fit for most indoor settings.

With a user-friendly interface, managing this air purifier doesn’t require strenuous effort. Energy efficiency being a priority is corroborated by its Energy Star certification.

Room CoverageUp to 400 sq ft
Filtration TypeTrue HEPA H13
Noise LevelAs low as virtually silent
Speed Settings3 fan speeds
Noise at High SettingMax 55 dB
Power CertificationEnergy Star Certified
Product Dimensions8.26″D x 8.26″W x 12.2″H
Filter Life2,500 hours (approx. 3-4 months)
ExtrasSleep mode, night light, filter replacement indicator
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5. LEVOIT Core300-P Air Purifier

For those seeking a dependable and design-conscious air purifier, the LEVOIT Core300-P offers a robust solution for medium-sized spaces.


  • Highly effective for medium spaces up to 1095 square feet
  • Extremely quiet operation with a near-silent Sleep Mode
  • Versatile filter options cater to different needs


  • Initial cost and replacement filters can be an investment
  • Not suitable for very large rooms or open areas
  • Settings can have a learning curve for some users

While the LEVOIT is effective for spaces up to 1095 square feet, those with larger homes may find it insufficient for their entire space.

Its quiet operation is a boon for light sleepers, but its settings might take a bit of time to master.

With an array of filter choices, the unit meets diverse tasks efficiently, from reducing allergens to neutralizing smoke.

Even so, this comes with the ongoing cost of filter replacements which may add up over time.

Design-wise, this device won’t clash with your interior decorating efforts and its variety of features make it a robust choice.

CoverageUp to 1095 sq ft
Noise Level24dB in Sleep Mode
FiltersCustomizable: Toxin Absorber, Smoke Remover, Pet Allergy, etc.
DesignSleek, award-winning, fits with decor
EfficiencyEnergy Star Verified, CARB, ETL, and EPA Certified
Dimensions and Weight8.7″D x 8.7″W x 14.2″H at 7.48 lb
Night-Friendly FeaturesSleep Mode and display light off option
Convenience FactorsTimer and filter lifetime indicator
CertificationsMeets multiple standards for safety and environmental impact
Motor and CADR45W motor with a CADR of 141 CFM
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6. AIRTOK H13 True HEPA Air Purifier

Finding the right air purifier means balancing effectiveness and features against your specific needs, and the AIRTOK H13 checks many boxes for those looking for a bedroom-centric solution.


  • Multilayered filtration captures a wide range of particles, including pollen, dust, and smoke.
  • Includes features like a fragrance sponge, night light, and variable fan speeds for personalized use.
  • Lifetime warranty with energy-efficient operation, saving costs over time.


  • Replacement filters required every 3-4 months could add up in expenses.
  • Suitable mainly for small spaces up to 100 square feet, limiting its use in larger areas.
  • Some users have reported a lack of visible charcoal in the included filters upon initial use.

For those considering an air purifier that combines functionality with user-focused features, the AIRTOK H13 True HEPA Air Purifier may be a worthy choice.

It offers a 4-in-1 filtering system aimed at trapping fine particles and neutralizing odors in your indoor space.

The additional lower maintenance cost offered by the long-lasting filter life and the quiet operation makes this an attractive option for bedrooms and smaller spaces.

The customization features strike a balance between purification and comfort. Adding essential oils to the fragrance sponge can create a more pleasant environment, while the adjustable night light can be set to fit your preferences during nighttime.

Moreover, the device operates quietly, ensuring that your sleep is as undisturbed as the air quality around you.

Filter System4-in-1 including pre-filter, activated carbon, and high efficiency filter for particles 0.1 microns or larger on sleep mode.
Noise LevelLess than 50dB at the highest speed, with a quieter 25dB option at low speed.
Additional PerksFeatures a fragrance sponge for essential oils, various fan speeds, and a night light.
DesignCompact dimensions of 6.3″D x 6.3″W x 10.2″H with an elegant white finish, suitable for discreet placement.
Energy UseAdvanced DC Brushless Motor for powerful yet energy-saving operation (Rated Power 10W).
CertificationCARB Certified and backed by a USA registered Lifetime Warranty.
Room SuitabilityRecommended for spaces around 100 sq ft, making it perfect for small rooms like home offices or bedrooms.
Ease of UseSimple setup with a power adapter stored within the unit. Offers timer options and a child lock feature.
MaintenanceRequires filter replacement approximately every 3-4 months, with an easy-to-find replacement filter (B09QWXXHVM).
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7. VEWIOR H13 HEPA Air Purifier

If you’re seeking a multi-functional air purifier, the VEWIOR H13 stands out with its aromatherapy feature and real-time air quality detection.


  • Multi-stage filtration system for thorough air purification
  • Equipped with PM2.5 real-time air quality indicator
  • Includes an aromatherapy feature for an enhanced environment


  • Replacement filters may incur additional costs
  • Noise level may be a concern for some users
  • The device’s diffuser may not appeal if you prefer unscented air

The VEWIOR H13 HEPA Air Purifier is a compact unit designed to mesh seamlessly with your home environment. It boasts a comprehensive filtration system capable of tackling common airborne particles like dust, pollen, and smoke.

When you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, it promises to filter your space with efficiency.

You’ll value the real-time PM2.5 monitor that keeps you apprised of air quality with a quick glance. This purifier adjusts modes automatically, reacting to the detected level of particulate matter, so you maintain consistent indoor air quality.

In rooms up to 600 sq.ft, it’s designed to deliver performance without overwhelming your space.

Looking at the unit, you’ll notice the aromatherapy pad—a distinctive feature for those who enjoy a hint of fragrance as they purify the air. As it runs quietly in sleep mode, your nights won’t be disturbed by loud operation. It’s a purifier that not only sanitizes your living area but also caters to your comfort.

Here’s a summary table for the VEWIOR H13 HEPA Air Purifier:

FiltrationPre-filter, H13 True HEPA, activated carbon filter
Air Quality DetectionPM2.5 sensor with real-time display
Modes4 settings with sleep mode and display shut-off
Maintenance ReminderFilter change indicator
AromatherapyEssential oil diffusing feature
Area CoverageEffective up to 600 sq.ft
DesignCompact with a modern aesthetic
CertificationFCC, ETL, CARB, EPA Certified
Dimensions7.28″D x 7.28″W x 11.02″H
Weight2.36 pounds
Operation6 timer settings for customizable use
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Buying Guide for the Best True HEPA Air Purifiers

Understand Room Size

Consider your room size for an effective match. Air purifiers list maximum area coverage; measure your space in square feet. For large spaces, seek higher coverage units.

Key Features to Look For

Prioritize these features for optimal air purification:

  • HEPA filter: Captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Carbon filter: Adsorbs odors and gaseous pollutants.
  • Fan speeds: Multiple settings offer flexibility for various conditions.
  • Noise level: Decibels should match your comfort, especially for bedrooms.

Noise Levels and Spaces

Check noise levels (decibels) for living spaces. Bedrooms require quieter operation than busy areas. See below for a quietness guideline.

SettingDecibels RangeSpace Suitable
Low20-30 dBBedrooms, Small Offices
Medium30-40 dBLiving Rooms, Medium Spaces
High40-50 dBLarge Spaces, Open Areas

Energy Efficiency and Costs

Consider energy use and running costs. Check the watts a purifier needs on its highest setting. Units with Energy Star ratings help save on bills.

Additional Features

Smart features might include:

  • Air quality indicators: They provide real-time data.
  • Auto mode: It adjusts settings based on particulate levels.
  • Remote control/connected app: This offers convenience.
  • Timer: It allows you to set operational periods.

Choose a purifier with the right blend of features for your needs. Remember to factor in replacement costs for filters. Also, consider possible future expenses like repairs or upgrades.