Air220 Air Purifier

9 Fascinating Insights about Bissell

Enhance indoor air with Bissell Air220 HEPA Air Purifier - efficient, top-rated, and mold/allergen-busting.


3-stage filtration, HEPA, carbon filters, large coverage, low energy, quiet, automated system, whisper quiet, efficient airflow, easy maintenance

Bissell Air220 HEPA Air Purifier Specs


Bissell Air220: 3-stage filtration, quiet, automated CirQulate system, easy maintenance for clean air.


The Top 3-Stage Air Filtration System

Bissell Air220 has a 3-stage filter to remove pollutants, reduce allergies, improve sleep, and eliminate odors.

Exploring Bissell Air220's Filtration Tech


3-Stage Filtration, HEPA, Carbon Filter. Ideal for rooms up to 800 sq ft. Replace filters every 6 months.

Three-Stage Filtration for Clean Air


Impressed by Bissell's HEPA filter, purifier covers 800 sq ft quietly. Filter replacement needed for optimal performance. Great for allergies.

Medical-Grade HEPA Filter


Bissell Smart Purifier excels at capturing odors and VOCs. 3-stage filtration system for better air quality.

Honeycomb-Structured Carbon Filter


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