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Insights on TM250

Exploring TRACS Air Purifiers - Quality, Effectiveness, and Fresh Air. Dive into UVC technology and cleaner living with TRACS.

Tracs TM250 Air Purifier Overview & Features

The TM250 Air Purifier excels with advanced features for top-tier air purification. Consider Proton Pure for comparisons.

Maximum Coverage

The Tracs TM250 cleans large spaces (1,875 sq ft/hr or 937 sq ft/30 mins) for immediate freshness. Efficient and quiet.

Advanced Technology

Purifier boasts powerful UVGI tech (19,415 microwatt sec/cm2) for thorough microorganism elimination and air revitalization. Affordable excellence.

Filters and Indicators

Merv 8 CarbonWeb Pre-Filter eliminates odors, VOCs for fresh air. LED indicators ensure easy maintenance, like a smart assistant guiding you.


Affordable, effective, and lifestyle-enhancing. Clean, fresh air for better health and well-being.

3-Stage Filtration with H13 HEPA Filter Efficacy

Tracs air purifiers: 3-stage filtration, H13 HEPA filter, various room sizes, easy maintenance, and solid construction. Clean air, long-lasting performance.

Tracs Portable UV-C Air Purifier

The Tracs UV-C Air Purifier is a compact, powerful device, improving indoor air quality with UV-C tech & HEPA filter. Portable and efficient.

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