Air Purifier Guide for Healthier Indoor Air

Air purifiers improve indoor air quality, but American Lung Association advises reducing pollutants as a priority. Choose purifiers wisely.

Importance of Clean Air

Clean air crucial for health. Polluted indoor air harms lungs, causes diseases, affects those with respiratory conditions. Ventilation and air purifiers recommended.

Factors Affecting Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality matters for health. Particles, gases, humidity, and odors affect it. Protect against COPD and health issues by maintaining clean air.

Air Purifiers and Their Types

Mechanical (HEPA for particles), Activated Carbon (odor removal), Ionizers (beware of ozone), and Electronic (trap particles). Choose wisely.

Selecting the Right Air Purifier

Consider room size, HEPA filter, and specific pollutants like pet dander or dust mites for healthier indoor air.

Proper Maintenance and Use

Follow American Lung Assoc. guidelines for air purifiers. High CADR & HEPA filter important. Vacuum with HEPA, clean bedding, MERV 10 filters for clean air.

Relevant Guidelines and Standards

Follow clean air guidelines, use MERV 10+ filters, CARB-certified devices, consider outdoor air, consult professionals for personalized advice.

Additional Precautions and Measures

High MERV filters, pleated filters, HEPA air cleaners, avoid secondhand smoke, and clarify air purifier radiation concerns for a healthier living space.

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