Are Air Purifiers HSA Eligible? A 

Complete Guide

Air purifier HSA eligibility varies: medical need, not general wellness, per IRS. Filter, room size, and noise matter.

Understanding HSAs and FSAs

Savings for healthcare expenses, works with high-deductible plans, funds roll over, account ownership persists across employers.

Advantages of an HSA

Use pre-tax dollars for medical expenses like air purifiers. Business promos and flexibility in expense choice.

Difference between HSAs and FSAs

HSAs roll over, FSAs don't. FSAs owned by employers. Both need LMN for certain expenses, more common with FSAs.

Are Air Purifiers HSA Eligible?

Wondering if air purifier qualifies for HSA reimbursement? It depends.

Prescription-Based Air Purifiers

Doctor-prescribed air purifiers for medical conditions like asthma or allergies are eligible for HSA reimbursement, offering cost coverage.

HEPA-Certified Air Purifiers

HSA funds can cover HEPA-certified air purifiers, not just prescription-based ones. Specific requirements apply.

Check with Your Provider

Before using HSA funds, consult your provider and healthcare pro for eligibility. Check product quality and buy enough filters.

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