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TL;DR: Find the best air purifier with white noise features for better indoor air quality and a serene atmosphere. These purifiers combine efficient filtration with soothing sounds. They’re ideal for bedrooms and study areas.

Models like the LEVOIT Core 300S and Frida Baby 3-in-1 stand out for their quiet operation and additional functionalities. These include smart device connectivity and nightlight options. Whether you’re a light sleeper or need a purifier for a nursery, you’ll find the perfect balance of purification and tranquility.

Air purifiers have become essential appliances in many homes, especially for those concerned about indoor air quality. They work by pulling in contaminated air, filtering it, and then recirculating clean air back into the room.

Among the variety of air purifiers, some individuals prefer units that emit white noise. This ambient sound can provide a consistent audio backdrop and potentially aid sleep and concentration.

When selecting an air purifier, it’s important to consider the type of filters used, the unit’s clean air delivery rate (CADR), and the size of the area it can effectively cover.

However, for those sensitive to sound or looking for a dual-purpose machine, the level and quality of white noise produced are crucial. Certain air purifiers are engineered to offer soothing sounds, thereby serving both as an air cleaner and a sound machine.

This feature could be particularly appealing if you’re planning to use the air purifier in a bedroom or study area.

With the right air purifier, you can breathe easier and enjoy a peaceful ambiance in your environment. Finding that perfect balance requires understanding your own needs and preferences in terms of air quality and sound.

By focusing on a combination of efficiency in air purification and a desirable level of white noise, you’ll be set to create a more comfortable and healthful space.

“An air purifier’s white noise can be a soothing addition to efficient filtration—choose wisely for a serene and clean atmosphere.”

Top 6 Air Purifiers with White Noise Features

Air purifiers with white noise combine clean air and soothing sounds for your space. You’ll find the market’s best models here. Discover your perfect balance of purification and tranquility.

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1. LEVOIT Core 300S

Having tested the LEVOIT Core 300S, I find it ideal for anyone needing a quiet yet efficient air purifier.


  • Exceptional for light sleepers due to ultra-quiet operation
  • Offers hands-free convenience with smart device connectivity
  • Capable of refreshing medium-sized rooms swiftly


  • Might be inadequate for larger spaces beyond the specified coverage
  • The initial purchase does not include alternative filters designed for specific needs
  • Night mode deactivates display lights, which might be a hindrance for those preferring a night light

Breathing cleaner air can be as easy as plugging in the LEVOIT Core 300S. When your hands are full or you’re nestled in bed, a simple voice command to Alexa or Google Assistant can manage the purification for you.

The streamlined design and whisper-quiet operation meld seamlessly into your home environment—you might forget it’s even there.

When sleep calls, the Core 300S answers by transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary of clean air, cycling through any room up to 219 square feet in minutes.

Utilizing an auto mode that adapts to the air quality, this purifier ensures you’re resting in an environment conducive to peace and health. Plus, the energy-efficient design means you can leave it running without running up your electric bill.

The device’s app integration isn’t just smart; it’s forward-thinking. Access to the free VeSync app not only becomes an extension of your hand, allowing air quality checks and schedule settings but it also supports the thoughtful features of the air purifier, such as filter life tracking.

What’s more, encountering the quietude of Sleep Mode, with display lights off and noise levels minimized, was akin to a gentle lullaby for a tranquil rest.

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2. Frida Baby 3-in-1

Your nursery deserves an appliance that does more than one job; this is it.


  • Combines a sound machine, air purifier, and nightlight in one device
  • Offers two white noise settings for better baby sleep
  • Features an easy-to-change filter that lasts for 90 days


  • Only suitable for smaller spaces
  • Limited to two white noise sounds
  • May require frequent filter changes with heavy use

When you power up the Frida Baby 3-in-1, you notice the soft glow of the nightlight. It doesn’t glare; it just casts a comforting hue across the room.

The simplicity of selecting a white noise option is refreshing; you press a button, and the room fills with a subtle, soothing static that drowns out the chaos of the outside world.

In the background, the hum of the air purifier promises a cleaner, fresher atmosphere for your little one’s lungs.

Now let’s talk about air filtration. The difference is palpable after running the unit for just a short while. The air smells crisper; it’s almost like having a window open on a spring day, minus the allergens.

With the three fan speeds, you have control over the purification process, and the auto-off timer adds convenience to your nightly routine. It’s quite the workhorse for its size.

Your expectations for the longevity of the filter should be managed. The run time of 90 days is ideal, but if you live in an area with a high level of pollution or have pets, prepare for more frequent replacements.

But, considering all the device’s functionalities, this minor inconvenience is easy to overlook. It’s the peace of mind, knowing that your baby is breathing easier at night, that makes the Frida Baby 3-in-1 stand out.

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3. Medify Air Quiet Purifier

This compact purifier is a must-have if you value whisper-quiet operation and effective air cleaning.


  • Highly efficient HEPA H13 filter captures ultrafine particles
  • Operates nearly silently on the lowest setting, ideal for undisturbed sleep
  • Simple controls and maintenance with helpful features like a filter replacement indicator


  • Fan noise is noticeable on the highest setting
  • Small coverage areas may not be suitable for larger spaces
  • Filters require replacement approximately every three to four months, which could add to the cost

Sleeping with the Medify Air purifier by your bedside feels like a gentle whisper. Its HEPA H13 filter works tirelessly, and you can almost sense the cleaner air it releases.

The sleep mode dims the lights, avoiding any discomfort during the night.

The easy-to-use interface and gentle night light make it a breeze to adjust settings as needed.

The soft hum fades into the background as you settle into your routine, and the air feels fresher with each passing minute.

You’re left with a sense of relief, knowing allergens and dust particles are effectively being captured.

Despite being compact, it’s mighty. You might notice its presence in your room more when it’s set to high — it’s the sound of assurance, working vigorously to purify your personal space.

The purifier’s discreet profile doesn’t intrude on your decor, and its sleek design blends in seamlessly.

The upkeep is straightforward, with the filter indicator notifying you promptly when it’s time for a change.

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4. TechCare Quiet Purifier

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If you value tranquility and air quality in your home or office, this air purifier is a game-changer.


  • Exceptional filtration
  • Operating noise is barely noticeable
  • Useful smart features


  • Bright night light
  • Larger than expected
  • Initial plastic smell

The TechCare Purifier proved notably effective in keeping my room’s air clean without contributing to noise pollution.

Its true HEPA filter lives up to the hype, catching minuscule allergens that often go unnoticed but certainly not unfelt.

I noticed an appreciable difference in air quality, specifically less sneezing and clearer breathing.

There’s a silent grace to its operation — almost stealth-like.

Even on the high setting, it was no louder than a faint whisper.

This made it not only an air purifier but also a white noise machine that helped me sleep better.

To top it off, the smart filter indicator meant one less thing to keep track of. It conveniently alerted me when it was time for a change.

Now, it’s not all serene skies. The night light, albeit a thoughtful addition, blazes like a beacon. If you’re sensitive to light while sleeping, this might be a drawback.

It’s also a tad bulkier than anticipated, so for those with space constraints, take note.

Initially, there was a distinct plastic smell, but it dissipated after a few days of use.

True HEPA FilterExceptional FiltrationInitial Plastic Smell
< 28 dB OperationWhisper-QuietProminent Night Light
Smart Filter IndicatorMaintenance Made EasySlightly Bulky

In the sanctuary of my bedroom, the air felt lighter, and the silence this purifier bestowed was golden.

It became my nocturnal companion, easing my allergies without disturbing my sleep — a companion that barely asked for attention yet gave back multifold in clean air.

The TechCare Quiet Purifier is worth considering if you seek a breathable environment paired with serenity.

It’s a robust ally in the fight against airborne nuisances, and while it has minor quirks, they’re easily overshadowed by its benefits.

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5. GermGuardian AC4825W

This GermGuardian air purifier creates a serene, healthier environment in your space.


  • Effective True HEPA filtration captures minuscule allergens
  • UV-C light technology to reduce airborne viruses
  • Whisper-quiet operation doubles as soothing white noise


  • Replacement filters can be a recurring expense
  • Operates best in small to medium-sized rooms
  • Some may find the UV-C light feature unnecessary

After setting up the GermGuardian in my bedroom, the air felt noticeably fresher within just an hour of operation.

It’s particularly calming to have it on the lowest setting at night, not just for the clean air but also for the soft white noise it adds to the room, promoting better sleep.

When my niece, who has allergies, came over, she stayed in the room with the purifier.

By the next day, it was clear that she was sneezing less and could breathe much easier. The HEPA filter’s ability to trap pollutants was an immediate bonus for her comfort.

Although the initial cost is reasonable, be aware that staying on top of the filter replacements adds up.

However, the benefit of having a fresher environment is a worthy trade-off.

The UV-C light, a feature designed to knock down viruses, adds an extra layer of reassurance during flu season.

True HEPA FiltrationCaptures up to 99.97% of harmful particlesRegular replacement of filters required
Quiet OperationLow noise level ideal for undisturbed sleep 
UV-C Light TechnologyTargets and reduces common airborne virusesNot essential for all users

In terms of real-world usage, this GermGuardian model lends itself well to daily living, offering purified air comfort with the bonus of a calming atmosphere, thanks mainly to its white noise capability.

It’s an intelligent choice for those prioritizing a serene and healthy living space.

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6. MORENTO Air Purifier

If you’re in the market for an air purifier that operates with a soothing hum, this one merits your attention for its compact efficiency and scent-boosting feature.


  • Efficiently cleans the air with a true HEPA filter
  • Compact and lightweight, fitting unobtrusively into small spaces
  • Aromatherapy capabilities for a personalized touch


  • Limited to small areas with a coverage of 108 square feet
  • Essential oil fragrances may not be as powerful for everyone
  • The sleep mode noise level might not be tolerable by the lightest of sleepers

When first operating this air purifier, the smoothness with which it circulated air was immediately evident.

I noticed within just hours how it started to improve the freshness of the room. The 360 air intake feature seems to genuinely do its job.

Using this appliance was remarkably uncomplicated.

A single tap on the intuitive one-button control cycled through the settings—a delight for someone who prefers straightforward tech.

I appreciated the inclusion of a timer function, which added to its convenience, letting it run without worry.

Adding a couple of drops of lavender oil to the aroma pad brought a serene and subtle fragrance to my bedroom, enhancing the experience beyond mere air purification.

Even as I attended to other tasks, the air purifier’s faint white noise was a comforting background presence.

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Best Air Purifier White Noise – Buying Guide

Sound Levels

When selecting an air purifier with white noise capabilities, you should consider the sound levels.

You need a machine that provides a soothing backdrop without being disruptive.

Look for decibel (dB) ratings; ideal white noise machines will have settings in the range of 40-60 dB.

Filter Types

Your air purifier’s effectiveness depends heavily on its filters.

Seek out models with true HEPA filters for removing airborne particles.

Additionally, consider whether you need activated carbon filters for odor removal.

Maintenance and Cost

Assess the ease of maintenance, including filter replacement frequency and costs.

Some purifiers have washable filters, offering long-term savings.

Aim for a balance between upfront costs and potential maintenance expenses.

Decibel LevelsHighShould not be disruptive
Filter TypesCriticalTrue HEPA preferred for particles
MaintenanceModerate to HighConsider replacement frequency
CostVariesBalance upfront costs with maintenance

In your search, consider the room size compatibility of the air purifier, ensuring it’s adequate for your space.

Energy efficiency is another factor; models with Energy Star ratings can save on your electricity bills.

Remember the warranty, as a longer warranty can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Choose with confidence, focusing on your specific needs to find the best air purifier with white noise for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting an air purifier, considering white noise features can enhance sleep quality and comfort. Explore common queries to make an informed choice.

How can white noise from an air purifier improve sleep quality?

White noise minimizes disruptions by masking background sounds.

The consistent hum from purifiers can aid deep sleep by creating a tranquil environment.

Which air purifiers combine effective allergen removal with soothing white noise?

Brands like Honeywell and Blueair offer models designed for allergen removal while producing calming white noise.

Their sound levels contribute to rest without sacrificing air quality.

What are the advantages of having a Dyson air purifier in terms of noise and air quality?

Dyson purifiers are renowned for their low noise output and high-quality filtration technology.

They provide a blend of quiet operation and efficient air purification.

Can Coway air purifiers be used to generate white noise, and how effective are they?

Coway air purifiers generate a gentle, steady sound perfect for white noise.

They are recognized for blending effective air cleaning with noise control.

What decibel level should you consider when looking for an air purifier that emits white noise?

Optimal white noise air purifiers operate between 30-50 decibels.

This range offers noise masking benefits without being disruptive.

In terms of creating a comfortable sleeping environment, how does the Levoit air purifier compare to others?

Levoit purifiers are appreciated for their quiet operation and their ability to maintain a serene sleep setting.

They balance performance and noise level efficiently.

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